Line Follower Robot

Hmmm. Saya ikutan posting ya. Sudah banyak ini postingan tentang teknologi masa depan yang sedang dikembangkan, jadi kali ini saya ikutan posting tentang elektronika praktis ya (atas saran dari Bos W :D). Kali ini tentang membuat robot line follower. Simpel sekali. Cukup dengan memiliki pengetahuan tentang 8051, komparator, dan driver 🙂

Tapi maaf, postingan ini berbahasa inggris soalnya kemarin saya membuatnya untuk blog saya sendiri. Terus malas menerjemahkannya. Ya tidak apa-apa lah ya, hitung-hitung belajar :D. Monggo dinikmati :

Last week I’ve just made a simple line following robot. So I want to share my experiences to you all. Especially electronic freaks and robot fans 😀 I say simple because it’s really so. Me and my friends (Setyo and Awal) just need 3 days total in building the robot.

Basically, just head to this page, it will help you with most of the basic theory needed for building the line follower. But I didn’t follow all the designs. I used a tank platform here. But it’s just a little difference in the mechanical design. The controller and everything’s just the same. But there are some schemes that will not work there. I’ll explain them and the way to debug.

First, the sensory scheme is not working with me. The receiver IRs won’t work. I dunno why. But I’ve made a little improvisation and it works. This is the scheme. Actually this is the sensory scheme from

Second, the program sourcecode will not work in Keil, so if you’re using Keil, you should compile this modified sourcecode.

If you do everything that is stated there and follow my debugging process, I think you’ll succeed.

Here is the pictures from my robot. His name’s Gugun 😀

And here is the sensory circuit (it’s on the bottom of the robot)

Anyway, good luck to all of you who want to make this thing 😀


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2 Responses to Line Follower Robot

  1. gareng says:

    haha, postingan dalam dua bahasa.
    tapi keren lah ni bos eea. hehe..

  2. zam says:

    what is the output voltage for motor?
    can u send me a schematic?

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